There are many important factors to consider when buying a sofa. Follow our WIIS' IDEA editorial today to focus on one of the factors with the most options - colour. Colour isn't even just a consideration for a new sofa. Maybe you have a structurally sound sofa, but its upholstery needs some freshness. You still need to decide on the colour of your sofa. So what's the best colour for a sofa? Essentially, it's really a personal decision based on what you like and what works in your space. But today, we're going to offer a selection of sofa colours that are best suited for a variety of interiors.

Beige sofas

A sofa colour that can be used on almost any style of a sofa in almost any palette is beige. Available in cooler beige and warmer beige, there is a beige for every space. Beige is even slightly higher than white because it doesn't show dirt as easily as white does. If you choose a beige sofa, then you essentially have a blank slate around which to build the rest of your decor. This beige fabric sectional sofa from WIIS' IDEA, for example, is not only stain-resistant but also reflects a sense of sophistication.

light brown fabric sectional sofa


While only navy is traditionally considered a neutral colour, all shades of blue have sofa potential. Blue is a versatile colour - it looks great in any room and can be used in many different styles. Blue works with a wide range of colours, so it won't overwhelm your palette, but it can add some unexpected colour. Depending on the shade of blue you choose, it can act as a neutral or as a personalized piece. This WIIS' IDEA blue velvet loveseat sofa in modern style gives a great look, but of course, the feeling of using this sofa will surprise you even more.

blue velvet loveseat sofa in modern style


Last year we declared grey to be our favourite neutral, and it also stands for sofa. As with beige, there are warm and cool greys, as well as light and dark greys, so it's easy to find the right grey for your space. In a similar way that beige is preferred over white, grey is preferred over black. Black shows any light hair (human or animal) better than grey, and in fact, black shows dirt better than grey. This grey electric massage armchair sofa from WIIS' IDEA can bring you the most comfortable use when you are tired, this grey massage sofa can do its best, and with it, your fatigue will all disappear.

grey massage sofa


Among our boldest choices, red is a surprisingly versatile sofa colour. Red is a popular colour choice for traditional and mid-century modern styles, but it can also be a popular colour in more modern or minimalist interiors. It works on neutral walls but also on blue and even pink walls. The striking colour will add warmth to your space and is popular in minimalist spaces that can be a bit chilly. Again, you can find the perfect red sofa at WIIS' IDEA Original Furniture Store. For example, this red WIIS' IDEA™ Convertible Fabric Folding Sleeper Sofa With Armrest is such a beautiful colour. Can you not get excited about it?

Convertible Fabric Folding Sleeper Sofa With Armrest


Brown is the most popular colour for leather sofas. From lighter tan to rich chocolate, there are many options for brown. If you have pets or children who may leave stains on your sofa, brown is a good choice. Brown doesn't just work on leather; it looks beautiful on other fabrics like wool and polyester, too. Brown may not be the most exciting colour around, but it can add warmth and a sense of rusticity for those looking for a more natural palette. This brown WIIS' IDEA™ Pull Out Sleeper Sofa Bed With Twin Size Memory Mattress always brings out the warmth in me, and such warm tones are always so comforting.

Pull Out Sleeper Sofa Bed With Twin Size Memory Mattress

Of course, these are just the more versatile colours for sofas. Any colour that suits your decor and that you like will be the best choice for you and your sofa. However, if you are planning to move or redecorate a lot, these colours will provide you with the most options. However, if the location of your sofa and the surrounding décor is not going to change anytime soon, don't hesitate to buy the green, purple, pink or yellow sofa you have your eye on!

October 31, 2022 — CWiis

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