The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. This versatile lounge chair provides support and comfort as you relax after a long day, and doubles up as a home base for nighttime board games. For those who enjoy spending time with friends and family, the sofa is also one of the favourite places for guests.

We ask a lot of our sofas, so they need to be flexible and adaptable to meet all these needs. And what better way to do this than with a combination sofa?

What is a combination sofa?

A combination sofa, also known as a sectional sofa, is a sofa that is made up of several different parts. Rather than being a separate unit, a combination sofa allows you to create your own size and shape to suit your space. But there is one big problem.

Do combination sofas come apart or are they fixed together in your living space?

The answer is that, in general, yes, combination sofas do come apart and can be easily moved and reconfigured to suit your needs. Your sofa may be equipped with linking devices that allow you to secure the individual parts together and ensure that the individual parts stay together. The connectors (or crocodile clips) are usually easy to disconnect, so you can move the various parts of the sofa around as required.

Why choose a sectional sofa?

There are many good reasons for choosing a combination sofa. Unlike a normal single sofa, combination sofas give you the flexibility to change the shape of your surroundings and transform your living space as required. They also allow you to fill unusual spaces or make the most of any space with an extendable corner sofa.

The range of parts available in a combination sofa also means you can mix and match, adding sofa combinations, corner and chaise components to create a sofa that really suits you. A further benefit is that combination units are easier to transport and through doorways, so you won't risk damaging your sofa or upholstery just trying to get it through your door into your living room.

Combination sofas are available in a wide range of design styles and fabrics, meaning that you will have the greatest range of options if you choose this route to create your living room furniture.

How does a sectional sofa attach?

Many sectional sofas do not have an attachment mechanism. They are simply arranged or placed in the way you want them to be and will stay in that position, or be free to move if you need to rearrange them. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to connect a sectional sofa (especially on smooth floor surfaces with little grip). This can add more security to your seating area and prevent the individual modules from separating. Or it may be a necessary part of the design, for example, to create a more seamless connection. So, what are the main ways of putting together a modular sofa?

The two main methods used to join units are clips, which are easy to loosen and move quickly, or more semi-permanent connectors, such as screws and bolts. These have the advantage of creating a more secure connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of combination sofas

Combination sofas have many advantages, including more flexible seating arrangements, easier movement and handling, and a wide range of seating options including recliners and corner sofas.

However, they are not suitable for everyone. Combination sofas take up more space than a traditional single sofa, so they may not be suitable for smaller living spaces. It is important to measure your space before choosing a new sofa. You should also bear in mind that not all combination sofas can be used in multiple configurations, as this depends on the design of the corner and recliner.

How do you separate the combination sofas?

It depends. Some combination sofas do not have connecting pieces and are simply placed side by side. Other models have metal clips or similar devices that can be easily clipped in or out when needed to increase stability while providing flexibility. Some combi sofas come with more durable bolted or screwed connections to provide more semi-permanent stability. These are not recommended if you wish to move the sofa regularly.

Can combination sofas be separated?

Generally speaking, many sectional sofas are easy to take apart and they are designed to be taken apart without too much fuss or effort. This makes it easier to move them around your living space and reconfigure them when you need them.

How do combination sofas stay together?

Some sectional sofas simply use gravity to stay together as they stay in place, so you can simply align the units to create a larger seating area. Other sectional designs come with clips or heavier bolts or screws to ensure they stay in place. It all depends on the design, but it is something you should consider when buying a modular design.

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