As the body and hip "soul mate", a sofa is so important to us. But we often choose them only for the "physical comfort and facial pleasure" but miss their "interesting inside" - sofa style through the centuries of historical changes.

Sofa originated in the West and has its popular style at all times. Today, we mainly talk about the style of fabric sofas, understand the past of the sofa, and help determine the future of this sofa in your home: choose a sofa style to match and perfect the style you want for your home. 7 sofa style comparison, an article to do!


Chesterfield Sofa

The favourite of the bossy president

The Chesterfield Sofa dates back to the 18th century when an English earl named Chesterfield commissioned a craftsman to design a piece of furniture that would allow people to sit upright so that their clothes would not wrinkle. Thus this sofa was born with a straight back and elegantly curled edges.

It is also considered to be the most "bossy" sofa, with pull tabs from the back to the seat cushions, which hold the surface in place and reflect a restrained orderly beauty. This is the newest addition to WIIS' IDEA™, the Chesterfield three-seater yellow sofa, whose look perfectly matches the historical symbols represented by this sofa. It is made of high-quality velvet fabric, which reveals its distinctive quality in the light.

Chesterfield Sofa is very suitable for the rugged atmosphere of the American style home, in some mix and match style and industrial style home, also no sense of incongruity.





There is also a modern and comfortable version of the Settee, called Loveseat, which is perfect for small homes. Want to stay home with your significant other and watch movies and play games? We recommend starting this intimate journey in Loveseat. And interestingly enough, the origin of Loveseat is not because of the "love story" but because the dresses of the beautiful sisters used to be too big. Just like this comfortable modern fabric Loveseats Sofa from WIIS' IDEA™ Home, try to think of how nice it is to rest and snuggle with your loved one on such a loveseat!


Tuxedo Sofa

Like a gentleman with style

Tuxedo Sofa (Tuxedo Sofa) name comes from Tuxedo Park in New York. The park is considered one of the origins of the modernist design style in the 1920s.

Tuxedo English's original meaning is a tail-less tuxedo. The image reflects its characteristics: the armrests and backrest height are flat, like a suit's shoulder pads, and the overall is broad and shapely, with no extra lines, but also often has large pull button decoration.

The tuxedo sofa's appearance is both retro and modern. With velvet material, it is full of nobility; if it is made of cotton and linen material, the shape of the brace makes it very suitable for the modern home. This WIIS' IDEA™ home sold out of grey cotton Tuxedo sofa perfectly like you explain what the real sofa gentleman is, its use of advanced cotton filling so that people sitting on it feel the comfort of the feeling.



Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Not aloof style

Mid-Century Modern Sofa originated in the 1930s to the 1960s modern design movement, that is, the recently re-popularized MCM style. Modernism emphasizes "form follows function", so the MCM sofa usually has straight lines, a simple shape and no superfluous decoration, and the slim four legs that tilt slightly outward make it appear lighter. Take a look at this rich mid-century style leather sofa and chair from WIIS' IDEA™ Home, which can be said to be the ultimate in a minimalist style. Simple but not aloof style.

If you like the modern style of decoration, then the MCM sofa is most suitable.



Chaise Longue

Reading a book on the sofa? Inevitably sleepy

Chaise Longue (chaise longue, chaise longue), also known as "drowsy sofa". This sofa was named in the Victorian era when the aristocratic sisters who were pursuing girdle dressing in order to put on dresses would use it for sitting down and rest in order to prevent breathing difficulties and sudden fainting due to tight clothing. Therefore its appearance is also very characteristic, the smooth lines of the backrest, since the slope of the armrests, in order to let the lady lie down elegantly enough, relaxed. Here you have to stop to take a closer look at WIIS' IDEA™, home of this velvet chaise lounge chair, which can fully bring you rest when the elegance and relaxation.

Nowadays, thanks to the sufficiently large space and the gradually accentuated personal comfort, the chaise longue is not only the finishing touch in the corner of the bedroom but also ideal for the reading corner.



Daybed Sofa/Sofa Bed

Bed or sofa? Either will do.

A daybed is a sofa during the day and a bed at night, which is a Daybed (sofa bed) with two faces. Early Daybed is usually an armless design, with wide elongated cushions and slim leg lines, creating its unique appearance. With a cylindrical single armrest design, the night can become a comfortable headrest. The absence of a backrest makes the Daybed appear lighter in the home space. Now introducing you to a WIIS' IDEA™ Home Trundle Upholstered Tufted Sofa Bed. This sofa bed exists to meet the expectations of both a sofa and a bed, turning it into a perfect sofa when you just want to sit, when you want to take a lunch break on the sofa, or when you have friends who need to borrow it, it again can be transformed into a comfortable sofa bed.

Nowadays, the sofa bed is closer to a sofa in appearance, and the space underneath usual stores hides part of the bed, which can be turned into a double bed by pulling out, making it a good partner for one-bedroom living rooms and office lounging.



Sectional Sofa

Sectional is love

A sectional Sofa is a combination of a single chair, corner chair and sofa, which can be freely added or subtracted according to the area of the living room.

WIIS' IDEA™ Home's Ivory Sofa with L-shaped modular set. It is round and bulging, like a piece of white bread. We can combine it in any way we want to achieve the length and shape we want. So it can also meet the functional needs of more people need.

Which sofa style do you like the most? Let's talk about it in the comment section! By the way, here is a preview of the next article. We will talk about "how to make the sofa and your home decoration more compatible?"

October 14, 2022 — CWiis

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