A sofa is the most important component of the living room, so how can you buy a suitable sofa? The right sofa, in addition to the style, harmonizes with the living room, and comfort can not be poor. I share with you the five aspects of the purchase of sofas. Take a look!

sofa furniture

1. The main structure of the sofa.

The role of the sofa determines the overall structure of the sofa must be solid. In the purchase of sofas, you can hold the sofa with your hands and shake it back and forth. You can also sit on the sofa and shake it to see if the sofa has a loose structure. If not, the structure of the sofa is more solid and worth buying. If you feel the sofa structure is loose, you must not buy it. WIIS' IDEA ™ home, since the creation of the brand, is determined to do high-quality sofa homes so that customers who buy our sofas have the best sofa experience.

2. The degree of comfort of the sofa.

A sofa is a place where we often sit and sleep, so the comfort of the sofa is a very important thing. When buying, be sure to sit on it personally to try, try the height of the sofa, and also try the sofa's softness. Too soft a sofa, sitting for a long time will make people uncomfortable, too hard sofa, it is easy to make people's muscles sore.

3. The style of the sofa.

The size of the sofa is huge, and the impact of the decoration style of the entire space is very obvious. A suitable sofa can enhance the living room. An inappropriate sofa, but also the living room into a deadlock. Therefore, in the purchase of sofas, must be considered from the overall style of the home and the style of the sofa to harmonize with the style of the living room. Of course, sometimes we can also choose some versatile style sofa that may not be the modern sofa. Wiis' idea™ is home to a variety of modern-style sofas that can meet the requirements of most family-style sofas. These modern-style sofas, from shape to colour, are able to meet a variety of aesthetic requirements. Of course, some need to emphasize the special style of the atmosphere, perhaps need to consider other factors before selecting.

4. The size of the sofa.

The size of the sofa is a factor that must be considered when buying and selling. Too large a sofa will make the living room becomes crowded, and the whole living room will be visually smaller. Too small a sofa, placed in the living room, will look very uncoordinated, but also difficult to meet the needs of daily life.

About the size of the sofa, be sure to measure clearly, not just by the naked eye, to judge the observation. The building materials market sofa showroom area is very large, so the sofa in the showroom will look relatively small, but the living room at home is very small. If only judged by the naked eye, it is easy to buy back the sofa that does not fit the size. And this point, purchasers in WIIS' IDEA™ home selection of sofas will not have to worry about the existence of this trouble because our sofas are in the standard size of the space shot pictures, so buyers do not need to consider the impact of too much space error.

5. The fabric of the sofa.

Common sofas are fabric sofas, leather sofas and wood sofas three.

Fabric sofa is often used in European-style living room, fabric sofa, sofa seat cover and cover to be able to remove cleaning, which is more convenient for cleaning in life. The feel of the fabric should be smooth and soft, not rough, and no jumping silk, threads, and other phenomena occur. Like WIIS' IDEA™ home of this modern L-shaped corduroy fabric sectional sofa, so that the fabric is not rough, people lying on it will feel more intimate and comfortable.

WIIS' IDEA™ Modern Corduroy Fabric L-Shaped Sofa - Beige

Leather sofa is often used in the modern style of home. In the purchase of a leather sofa, as far as possible, choose the leather material, not only feel very comfortable, but breathability is also very good. If the budget is not enough, you can consider buying a half-leather sofa half leather sofa in the hidden part of the use of artificial leather or PU leather instead of leather. Therefore, the price is lower than the leather sofa. Of course, you can also see a variety of leather sofas in WIIS' IDEA™ home, such as this Chesterfield-style leather armchair. The whole sofa is covered with leather, which is cool and comfortable to the touch. I personally always think that people who are afraid of heat is the most need to have a leather sofa at home in the summer because compared to fabric sofas, leather sofas have stronger heat dissipation performance. In the hot summer, lying on the leather sofa, you can also be satisfied with a nap.

WIIS' IDEA™ Chesterfield Genuine Leather Armchair Sofa With Solid Wood Oak Legs - Light Brown

Wooden sofas are commonly used in the living room in Chinese style. When buying, pay attention to the surface of the sofa. Whether there are wormholes, cracking or other phenomena, the wooden structure must be smooth and solid, the entire surface of the sofa paint layer must be full and even, and there is no runoff, leakage of brush, etc.

A sofa is our new home in the placement of the essential home, occupying a very important part of our family life, so we need to know more about picking a good sofa knowledge, do so just so we can choose their most preferred sofa so that they have a relaxing and comfortable space.

October 14, 2022 — CWiis

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