While we love sofas - the clue is a bit in our name - we're here to tell you why the Ottoman footstool is the perfect accent for your home.

The benefits of an ottoman

Bring out the best in you.
There's no better feeling than coming home at the end of the day and snuggling up on the sofa. The ottoman is the ideal footrest for you and your family and is the perfect addition to this comfortable piece of furniture.

The only debate to be had is whose feet go first.

Please sit

Take emergency seating to a new level with the Footstool.

Whether using it in the living room, transporting it to the kitchen, or in the children's room, a footstool or cushioned stool will provide the perfect perch. And, thanks to their stylish design, they will look in the right place wherever you choose.

Coffee anyone?

It can be not easy to squeeze all the furniture into your living room, from sofas to chairs, from coffee tables to footstools. That's why the versatile ottoman is perfect for a modern home.

With a flat surface, a footstool like wiisidea can easily be used as a coffee table to hold biscuits, beer, or magazines - be careful not to spill!

Secret storage

On the surface, it looks like a footstool, but lift the lid to reveal a bunch of hidden storage spaces.

The storage ottoman keeps these odds and ends hidden out of sight but within reach, from blankets to magazines and children's toys to small snacks. In addition, the storage footstool can be easily moved around your room to create a more flexible living area and save space compared to traditional storage units.

Some of our footstools, such as the wiisidea storage footstool shown above, are currently available with concealed storage, so please check before you buy.

Style and substance

Of course, in addition to these practical benefits, upholstered footstools look important too.

Whether you match or contrast your sofa, the footrest is a stylish centerpiece for your living room. Meanwhile, the storage footstool keeps your bits and pieces tucked away, creating a tidy living area and giving your room the perfect style.

The storage footstool is the perfect addition to your home, from storage to seating to style. All left to do now is stand up and buy one of our footstools.

December 09, 2022 — CWiis

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