Summer is in full swing, bringing bright, bold interior colours. But what colours should you choose to stay on trend for each season of the year? Read on to find the best sofa colours to keep your living area on trend and fresh all year round.

Gorgeous grey sofas

A grey sofa is perfect if you want a stylish and timeless sofa. Grey has recently dominated the interior design industry, and its trend-setting status doesn't seem to be going away.

A grey sofa doesn't have to be grey. Our grey sofas include a range of shades - some may even come in 50 - including everything from charcoal to fog, so you can adapt your grey sofa to a dark or light colour scheme. The best part about grey sofas is that they are easy to match with other shades. Try the Wiisidea Accent Chair for a soft yellow touch, or the Red Cushion for a pretty pink look. Whatever look you're after, a grey sofa is sure to help.

Beautiful blue sofa

One of our beautiful blue sofas won't make you feel blue. From midnight blue to duck egg blue, we offer a wide range of blue sofas sure to be a stylish addition to your home. While navy blue offers a traditional, muted style, bright blues like sky blue add a fresh and calming tone to your living area. As with the grey sofas, blue complements a wide range of shades, including grey, beige, yellow, and green. Also, combining different shades of blue on sofas and accessories helps to create depth in the room and creates a space with a calming tone.

Glamorous red sofas

If you're bold, a red sofa is an ideal choice. In a striking fiery red, a red sofa will impact your living room and create a central focal point in any space.

Because red is such a bold, eye-catching colour, many people may need help designing a red sofa. Well, never fear. A red sofa is easier to decorate than you might think. As a bright shade, it is best paired with softer tones such as creams and greys. If you want to experiment with red but are wary of this bold colour scheme, choose a red scatter cushion and build from there.

Elegant cream sofas

Cream or naturally coloured sofas have long been a staple of the interior design industry, but they are often overlooked when looking for a new sofa. As a neutral shade, a cream sofa can sit in your living room for years and years, lasting for ages and years. Plus, as a neutral base, it can add bolder shades to your tastes and trends as they change. Almost any colour will go perfectly with a natural sofa, from green to purple, yellow to blue. At the same time, a cream sofa can be kept natural yet still be luxurious and eye-catching by layering cream scatters and throws.

Playfully patterned sofas

Why decide on one sofa colour when you can have multiple colours by choosing a sofa with a pattern? Such a bold pattern choice not for you? No worries! Choose a softer, similar shade in patterned furniture. Natural, deep shades are subtle and stylish, giving you all the impact of a patterned chair while remaining quiet and serene. If you're worried about playing with patterns, our top tip is to pull out the colours of patterned furniture and map these to the rest of your furniture or accessories to avoid too much colour clash and keep a unified palette in your room.

At WIISIDEA.COM, we have sofas in a rainbow of colours - and more! So whatever colour or shade you prefer, you can find a sofa that suits your style. You can even shop around to find the colour that suits you best.

December 09, 2022 — CWiis

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